Thursday, July 28, 2011

Closed Shapes are fun! (and some funky funk)

So I'm addicted. Creating pieces using only closed vector shapes is challenging and freeing at the same time. The cutout look leaves room for less precision, but forces you to focus more on stronger character development... ie... recognizable silhouettes... rather than creating visual interest by using a plethora of detail lines (I'm guilty). I'm by no means a master at this style yet, but I can see it really helping my future work. I got the idea from falling in love with Matte Stephens' art and his mastery of Cartoon Modern. (check out his shop on Matte Stephens). I wanted to created pieces that mesh my style and Cartoon Modern... simplify and reduce my line work while making recognizable and distinct characters.

Below are two unfinished and close up samples of the style, along with an initial sketch, Sherlock and Watson (Watson is a bit weak in design) and Ishmael from Moby Dick (posted before). I want to give them a bit more love before posting fully, and I keep getting ideas for new cutouts to start!


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